Curing the diabetic foot

Curing the diabetic foot

The signs of the diabetic foot are evolve as the complications of the diabetes. While in the foot of the diabetic patient a nerve damage appears, in the function of the nervous system and the circulation different disturbations set out. The diabetic foot become more harmful, the skin become sensitive, festers and rifts are easily appears on it. The pain sensation reduce so the harms on the foot will be discovered later by the patient which result the infection of these.

The festerd, not tor later cured harms result could be the mortifying of some cells in the foot. In final case sadly the foot of the patient must be amputated. Because of the signed serious consequences it is suggested to go to systematic medical controll. At these times the doctor controlls the state of the foot, takes notice to different aspects. The nurse of the diabetic foot needs a high attention.

It needs to wash softly and carefully with tepid water, because the too high temperature can cause harms on the diabetic foot. After this it needs to dry it, especially between the toes, to prevent the appearance of the fungus. The Dioxide Boot is an effective help in the diabetic's foot beginning state evolution because the use of it has an excellent effect for the circulation and has a good effect for the tension of the blood vessel walls.

For what is good the dioxide boots?

  • Preventing and curing of veinstricture.
  • Curing the diabetes' beginning state.
  • Stop some fungous contagion.
  • With the increasing of circulation gives an easy leg feeling.
  • Curing of gout.

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