Boot for the easy leg

Men know the vasodilator effect of the dioxide for centuries. They used different cures and solutions. All of these therapies brought excellent results in the area of prevention and totally recovery.

Learning from the CO2 baths we created the simple suitable equipment and application for treat the lower limbs and suitable for recover the circulation and which is available for everyone.

Home usage

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Group usage

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The fizzy therapy is a safety and simple curing method.

During the time of the therapy any sitting activity could be continued.

The fizzybathed therapy of the leg is done by special material and shaped boot.

The treatment time is 40 minutes.

The leg's temperature is increasing by the effect of the fizzy vasodilator.

For what is good the dioxide?

  1. Preventing and curing of veinstricture.
  2. Curing the diabetes' beginning state.
  3. Stop some fungous contagion
    (fungus does not like CO2).
  4. With the increasing of circulation gives an easy leg feeling.
  5. Curing of gout.

Diabéteszes lábkezelés

Indication areas:
  1. Diabetes leg syndrome
  2. Curing chronic sores
  3. Inflammation of blood vessels
  4. Polyneuropathia
  5. At the case of high blood pressure
  1. The periferical and central circular problems
  2. Metabolic syndrome
  3. Diabetes mellitus
  4. Polyneuropathia
  5. After surgery therapies
  6. Sport curing

It improves the circulation and increase the vascular's tension states. The brand new studies show, that the systematic usage of fizzy therapy improves the brain's blood-stream.

The CO2 which penetrate through the skin increase the oxigen uptaking in the blood and cells. This physiological procedure proven by scientifically and in the therapeutics known as Bohr effect.

CO2-thermo examination

The left leg therapy took 30 minutes, then 5 record was made, 2 from back and 3 from front.

During the treatment the temperature of the foot has incerased, the opposite sided foot we can see a temperature increasement as well. The shank's almost inflammed veins' temperature decreased something.

Thermo vizsgálatThermo vizsgálat

What is the synthesis of the boot?

  1. External covering coating: Specially smooth gastight PU leather
  2. Internal lining: Special 3D fabric, which is gas equalizer
  3. Gastighting welded bound

In it's fashion and size it is uniformitied, in the same size of the right and left foot it is suitable for every foot size.

At us safety is the most important

At every therapy made on human organisation the safety is the most important, that is why we made serious comparating investigation.

  • One therapy use 10g dioxide external
  • In one jug beer orally there is 10g dioxide.
  • In one bottle of soda orally there is 10g dioxide.

As the result of the comparating examinations it could be find out that neither the soda or the boot therapy not harmful. At the beer there are some solicitudes.

So far no exists so cheap, so comfortable and so safety therapy nowhere in the world.

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We search the contact with unions, groups, private persons and vendors who would give help to men throught a brand new therapy and who would earn a honourable profit throught their activity. If you need additional information beyond the information below please write us.