Home usage

The set contains 3 members (pieces):

  • gastight boot
  • proportioner (feederpipe, nozzle, special balloon used as puffer)
  • sodamachine (every machine suitable which have an attenuate diffuser)

If you already have a sodamachine in your household use it, if you do not have then you can purchase one in the bigger supermarkets in complete set, with full cartridge.

Properly wash the foot which need the cure tol et the skin's pores become more free. Make yourself comfortable position opposite of the TV or next to a book.

Softly connect the proportioner onto the pipe of the sodamachine. Take up the boot, then insert the feeder pipe's end approximately in 10 cm deepness between the lining and the foot inside the boot. Press the ventil of the sodamachine and blow the balloon approximately for 20 cm diameter just like musk-melon. With this, the feeding has been started. The feeding time is approximately 2 minutes and with this the therapy has begun.

A therapy's time is 40 minutes. During this time after 15 minutes another feeding is requires. So you can cure with two filling. If you feel that your pores need more fill you can fill more time, or you can use more short filling.

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