Golden boots for happy legs

The beneficial vasodilating effect of carbon-dioxide has been known for centuries. It was widely used in its natural form with excellent results in prevention and treatment.

Learning from this experience and because of the previously cumbersome application methods, we created a simple tool that can be used by everyone to treat or improve the circulation of the legs.

Individual use at home

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Group therapy use in institutions

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The therapy with carbon-dioxide is a safe and simple treatment.

Any usual sitting activity can be performed while doing the therapy.

he carbon dioxide bath therapy is done with our Golden Boots that are made of a special material and designed for this particular purpose.

Duration of treatment: 40 minutes.

The leg temperature increases due to the vasodilating effect of the carbon-dioxide.

Golden boots improve the blood circulation of the legs!

„Stop arteriosclerosis!”
Now for the first time, you can treat yourself comfortably and safely in your home with carbon-dioxide therapy. It is usually enough to treat only one leg at a time because it affects the other leg too, similarly to the massage therapy.

Package content:

  • 1 pc "NASA" special golden boot
  • 1 pc T-fitting and balloon buffer
  • 1 pc thermo bag
  • 10 pcs carbon dioxide cartridge with filling weight of 16g/pc

Starting package can be ordered for 100 €
Cartridges can be re-ordered in packs of 10 for 50 €
Classification: manufacturers CE
Manufacturer: Tóth Vállalkozás, Hungary

Aortic stenosis - Stop!

Effect: Based on long-standing experience, it is a therapy that can be done by everyone at home.

Important: Soak and wash your feet before treatment in hot water so that pores of the skin are cleansed and open. Using body lotion or cream before therapy renders the treatment ineffective.

Carbon dioxide medical cartridge

The disposable threaded cartridge is filled with 16 g of carbon-dioxide. This amount is sufficient for one treatment, the package contains enough cartridges for 10 treatments.

The usual duration of a single treatment is 30 to 40 minutes. It can be repeated every 1-2 days as needed. Discard the empty cartridge at the end of the treatments to avoid mixing it with the full cartridges.

If you are out of the 10 cartridges, order the next 10 pcs at

Carbon dioxide medical cartridge

What is the use of carbon-dioxide?

  1. Prevents and improves arterial stenosis
  2. Helps patients with diabetes
  3. Can help certain mycotic diseases since the fungi do not thrive in CO2 rich environment
  4. Eases foot pain by improving the circulation
  5. Alleviates gout attacks

Diabéteszes lábkezelés

  1. Peripheral and central circulatory disorders
  2. Metabolic syndrome
  3. Diabetes mellitus
  4. Peripheral polyneuropathy
  5. Postoperative treatments
  6. Sports medicine

It improves the blood circulation and the tone of the blood vessels. Recent studies show that the regular use of carbon-dioxide therapy also improves the cerebral blood flow.

The carbon-dioxide that penetrates through the skin increases the oxygen uptake in the red blood cells. This is a physiological process that is scientifically proven and also known as Bohr-effect in medical science.


This is a stainless steel equipment in a safe design.

The parts of the T-fitting piece:

  1. Threaded cartridge slot
  2. Ribbed balloon attachment
  3. 1m long gas filling tube
  4. Buffer balloon

Feeding process:

  1. Pull the buffer balloon over the ribbed end of the T-fitting piece. It should completely cover the ribbed part.
  2. Twist the cartridge lightly into the opposite threaded part until you feel the resistance.
  3. When you feel the resistance, continue twisting the cartridge slowly until the first hissing sound signals the gas release. Do not twist or force it after that since the flow of gas will still continue. During this process the balloon doesn't have to completely inflate. The balloon inflation time is about 10 minutes and it is already part of the treatment time.
  4. Once the balloon deflates, pull the plastic filling tube out from the boot and continue the treatment for about another 30 minutes.
  5. Always keep the boot vertical, with the opening facing up, so the heavier carbon-dioxide can stay in the boot.
Feeding cylinder body

Thermo bag

Dimensions: 10x10x1.5 cm
The job of thermo bag is to provide adequate temperature during treatment. The heat is needed to open up the skin pores. Place the bag in water bath until it reaches approximately 40° Celsius. Once it is warmed up, put it inside the boot under the arch of the foot.

Important: Keeping the leg warm with thermo bag greatly enhances the effect of the treatment. Always warm the bag in a water-bath only to prevent burns!

Thermo bag


The left leg was treated for 30 minutes. Five pictures were taken after the treatment, two from the back and three additional ones from the front.

During the treatment, the temperature of the foot increased and we can also see an increase in the temperature of the opposite, untreated foot. The temperature of the somewhat inflamed veins of the calf also shows improvement.

Thermo examinationThermo examination


The Golden Boot is made from a special 3-layer laminate composite.

  1. Gas-tight, heat reflecting PE-top layer
  2. PU adhesive foam in the middle
  3. Three dimensional fabric inside

The advantages of the Golden Boot:

  1. Gas-tight, so the injected gas can completely diffuse into the leg through the skin pores.
  2. Its heat reflecting layer keeps the leg warm for the duration of the treatment.
  3. The PU adhesive foam makes it soft and strong.
  4. The special three dimensional fabric allows an even distribution of the treating gas inside the boot.


For all human therapies, the safety is paramount. The amount of carbon dioxide used is comparable to an everyday carbonated drink:

  • One treatment with Golden Boot uses 10g of carbon-dioxide externally.
  • One bottle of carbonated water contains 10g of carbon-dioxide internally.

As a result of the comparative tests it can be stated that neither the soda water nor the treatment with boots are harmful. In case of beer some concerns has raised.

NNowhere in the world can you find such a cheap, comfortable and safe therapy.

Safety is the most important

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